Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nests & Wasps in your Home and garden

Wasp Nest removal Shropshire

The spring is approaching and we are seeing more and more wasps starting to make their nests earlier in the season every year. This causing an increase in calls to Shropshire Pest Control as early as April and as late as November. This of course is dependent on the Weather. Queen Wasps will come out of Hibernation once the weather starts to get warm, so if we have a hot spell in March April they will start to make their nests. We saw a massive increase last year to Wasp nest removal in Shrewsbury.

In 2010 we had Wasp Nest calls as early as March and this went on to Early November. With over 400 Homeowners calling Wasp Nest removal Shropshire. The Queen Wasp will look around your property or garden for a suitable nesting place, this is usually in a crevice with a void behind it. For example in the eaves of your house, making their nest in the loft space. Or even in a wall, or tree. The nest initially will be very small, and she shall then lay here first eggs ready to hatch, Once these have hatched she know has recruited help to build the nest even bigger and start laying more eggs, etc., etc. In late July august this nest could have as many as 6,000 Wasps.

Wasp nest in Oswestry

Our colleagues in the south Wasp nest removal Southampton found a nest in the loft of a Pub in Southampton that was as large as a double mattress. It is very Important that if you see wasps flying in or around a nest on your property not to go near them. Wasps can become very aggressive if you go near their nest. Please Call Alex on 07916 322 280 www.waspnestremovalshrewsbury.co.uk so we deal with the problem we charge only 45.00 for the removal of most nests depending on location and accessibility. Please complete our enquiry form and click on the links below collest to your town